The real estate world is always growing and now is a great time to join in or expand your investments. You can greatly benefit from knowledge in all things real estate.  

If you have any interest in real estate then it is a good idea to start informing yourself about different types of properties. Educating yourself is a great way to do well in this lucrative business.

Brigantino’s San Benito Realty knows the value of being informed about various properties and real estate in general so we want to share our knowledge on triple net properties.

What Is A Triple Net Property?

A triple net or NNN property lease is an agreement between the tenant and the property owner where the tenant pays all of the expenses associated with the property such as insurance, maintenance, and taxes.

This agreement can be beneficial to both the tenant and the property owner. It is a highly sought out type of lease.

The tenant is typically able to get a lower rent when they agree to a NNN lease. The owner is able to have the property and the income that comes with it without the responsibility that comes with the typical property.

Why You Should Invest In NNN Properties?

One of the biggest draws to this type of real estate is that most of the risk is on the tenant and not the investor. Avison Young says that NNN leases are one of the most secure investment opportunities.

With this type of investment, you will always have a steady income coming in with very little responsibility and risk.

Plus, typically the tenants stay longer than in a normal renting agreement which can save you the expenses and the wasted time associated with turnovers.

You can easily invest in NNN properties anywhere in the country because your responsibility is so minimal.

Owning some NNN properties is the perfect way to invest in real estate and grow your income.

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What To Look Out For Before You Invest?

Even though this is a very secure type of investment you should still do some work up front to make sure things go smoothly in long run.

Start off by looking deeply into your potential tenants, check their credit scores, and ask for references. You will likely have these people as your tenant for a long time so make sure you find someone you can easily work with.

You should also work to make sure you set up the lease structure correctly. You can create a contract with a real estate attorney. This can help you avoid any potential legal issues and make sure things go smoothly with your investment.

Make sure to do some research on the current market before you do any real estate investments. At the moment the market is perfect for this type of investment, but make sure you stay up to date on it.

NNN Properties For Sale In California 

If you live in California or want to invest in NNN property in the sunny state then you are in luck! California has some of the best NNN property investments available.  

This type of property is often owned by individual investors or by real estate investment trusts. These people will often sell using a 1013 property exchange to try to get better investments.

Right now is the perfect time to invest in triple net properties in California. You can jump on the opportunity and buy NNN properties that are already set up for success! 

How To Get Started

If you have a desire to join in on this type of real estate investment then get in contact with an experienced real estate company to help guide you.

Starting in real estate can be confusing if you try to do it alone, but with the help of experts, you will be on your way to a great investment in no time!

San Benito Real Estate has years of experience with all sorts of real estate investments. We have a professional and highly trained team who will happily help you on your real estate journey.

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