Land For Sale In California

When it comes to buying land in California, there’s a lot to consider depending on your goals. 

The good news is, San Benito Realty has over 60 years of experience helping to facilitate the purchase of land for sale in California. We help our clients find both personal and commercial land for sale. 

Whether you are looking for a lot for sale for a home building project, acreage for a farm land for sale in California, ranch, or camp, or even a piece of property that is perfect for hunting, our well connected agents can help you find, evaluate, and purchase land for sale in California. 

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Your Guide For Buying Land In California

Choose Your Land Type:

  • Acreage
  • Building Lot For Sale
  • Ranch Land
  • Farm Land
  • Commercial Land
  • Recreational Land


Acreage normally refers to a quantity of land. While acreage can vary wildly in size, it is important to understand what the land can and cannot be used for.

Building Lot For Sale

If your goal for buying land for sale in California is to build a new home, you may choose to look for a building lot for sale.

While these lots can also vary in size, they are generally smaller – often just enough space for a home and a yard. In most cases building lots already have nearby road access and may already have utilities in place, or at the very least, nearby.

Ranch Land

If you plan on raising livestock, hunting, and enjoying lots of space and privacy, ranch land is right for you. 

These large parcels can also vary in acreage, but will generally be further out from city limits than other land types. Click now to learn more about our ranches for sale!

Farm Land

Whether you want to grow produce in a large fruit orchard, or start a small hobby farm, farm land in California is perfect for a large number of goals. 

You may choose to purchase 20 acres of farm land for raising dairy cows and growing corn, or you might choose a small 3 acre homestead, just big enough to grow food for your family.

Commercial Land

Some clients come to us because they are interested in finding land for commercial development. 

Commercial land is already located in certain zoning areas, and has great future income potential. 

Recreational Land

Recreational land is not zoned for building, but is purchased instead for hunting, fishing, and other sport. 

It is possible to build a camp or part time residence on this kind of property, but the land would need to be rezoned if you hope to explore the possibility of a permanent home. 

Consider A BLM Public Land Lease

The Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, allows the public to use some public lands for a number of purposes, and ranching is a common one. 

The BLM currently manages livestock grazing on approximately 155 million acres in the United States. 

Cattle grazing on public lands has proven to be very beneficial over the years, as long as it’s well managed. 

Not only is a land lease economical for the lessee, but a public land lease presents you with the opportunity to contribute to the environment in very measurable ways.  

Grazing on public lands has been proven to reduce invasive weed growth, increase wildlife diversity, and even reduce the risk of wildfires across the state. 

This cohesive relationship not only saves taxpayers money, but the yearly grazing fee that ranchers pay (which is less than the cost to rent private farm land), goes towards continued land management and conservation. 

If you have more questions about public land leases, ask your realtor today!

Find A Real Estate Agent With Experience

San Benito Realty has the experience it takes to successfully facilitate all kinds of land for sale in California. Contact us today – we would love to discuss your land buying needs and help you achieve your property goals. 

San Benito Realty: Premier Real Estate in California

San Benito Realty is your trusted partner when you need a top-tier California Real Estate Company. Whether you’re looking to invest, settle, or cultivate, our diverse portfolio can meet your needs.

Discover the possibilities with San Benito Realty and take a step toward securing your ideal property in California’s vibrant real estate market.

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