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At San Benito Realty, we understand what a huge life decision a home purchase can be. 

And in order to make your home purchase as successful as possible, it’s critical that you work with a real estate company that you can count on.

Our agents take the time to listen to your must have items (and your personal wish list!) so we can work to find you a home that fits the bill.

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4 Signs That You’ve Found The Perfect House For Sale In Hollister, CA

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Sign Number One: The House Has The Most Important Requirements

It’s rare to find homes for sale that check every single item on our clients wish list – but that doesn’t mean we ever recommend compromising on the major requirements you need for your family home.

To determine if a home is right for you, make sure that it first and foremost has the number of rooms and space you need for your lifestyle. 

If you have other necessities, like a garage or a second bathroom, don’t be afraid to keep hunting until you find the perfect fit. The location and neighborhood of your home is another area that is very important to most house hunters. And some families are unwilling to compromise on things like kitchen layout or back yard space. 


The interesting thing about finding the right house is, you usually know you’ve discovered it when you have a sudden willingness to be flexible with some of your wants. 


If you love a house so much that you’re prepared to give up your dream of a breakfast nook (or you’re making plans to add one in later) that’s a good sign that you’ve found a house that you’re ready to call home!

Sign Number Two: You Compare All Other Homes For Sale To That House

If you notice that you’re comparing all other houses you tour to “that” house – or you have a desire to stop looking at other homes for sale all together – chances are you’ve already found the home of your dreams.

Once our clients feel that other homes are paling in comparison to the house they love, it’s usually time to work together and put in an offer!

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Sign Number Three: The House Fits Your Future Plans

Some of our clients need a house that will fit a growing family for the next couple of decades. And some seek a home because they’re approaching retirement and are ready to downsize. 

Regardless of your life phase, it’s important to find a home that fits not only your present, but your future. 

If the house you love can both meet your needs now, and help you transition to the next season of life, it’s probably right for you! 

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Sign Number Four: You Can’t Wait To Go Back And See The House Again

If you’re anxiously awaiting your next visit, and already imagining showing this house off to family and friends, that’s another good sign that you’ve found the perfect house for sale.

Don’t be afraid to trust your gut. If the home inspection checks out and you can easily picture your family enjoying the space, that’s a good indicator that you’ve found “the one.”

Now’s the time to talk to your real estate agent about getting a purchase offer in – you don’t want to let this house slip away!

If you’re ready to find your dream house for sale in California, don’t delay – contact San Benito Realty today!

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