Your 3 Top Real Estate Questions Answered, Part 3

Dec 21, 2020Buyers


Deciding what type of home to buy is a big question a lot of people are facing in the real estate market these days.

There are plenty of new houses for sale, as well as residential land for sale. The struggle is often whether to choose a brand new home, build a home, or purchase an older home.

Each option has a lot of pros and cons that need to be weighed. Ultimately it depends on which option best works for you and your family.

San Benito Realty is here to help you learn more about these two housing options so you can make an educated choice.

Pros Of Buying New Houses For Sale  

When considering buying a new home versus a used home you should consider the following:

No One Else Has Lived There 

Just imagine moving into a perfectly clean, and pristine brand new home! Nothing has been broken or used. Everything new just for you and your loved ones.

Used homes can be wonderful as well, but if you prefer impeccable cleanliness and everything to be new and perfect then finding and buying a new house for sale is the way to go.

The Home Will Be Up To Code And Up To Date

According to My Move,

“Code and energy requirements have come a long way and buying a well-built new home will be much less stressful than remodeling an older home. That’s because homebuyers can avoid those unexpected expenses that occur when workers find issues like asbestos or old plumbing that needs to be replaced. Homeowners can also incorporate the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom technology to maximize the home’s potential.”

There Is Less Competition

When you join the real estate market looking for a used home, there is a lot of competition.

At times the competition can make it difficult to find the home you want. Or when you find one the price goes up because someone else is interested and is willing to pay more.

This competition can be eliminated when you decide to go with new houses for sale. The lack of competing helps reduce some stress and you can get exactly what you want in a home.

Low to Zero Maintenance Cost For The First Few Years

When you buy an older home it is likely going to need quite a bit of maintenance. This is rarely the case for new homes.

Moving says,

“New homes aren’t necessarily impervious to needing repairs, but the chances of having to fix a leaky roof or a broken pipe are significantly lower, meaning less stress and less money spent while everything is still new. In addition, most builders include a range of warranties with their homes, which may include a short term full structure warranty and a longer term exterior warranty. It’s a big financial benefit, and a nice relief in the years following such a major purchase.”

New Houses For Sale

Cons Of Buying New Houses For Sale  

Although there are some great pros to buying a new home, you should also consider the following cons:

Increased Expenses 

Buying or building a new home can be more expensive than buying a used home. This can be worth it if you are financially capable but for some people, the added expense is just too much.

You have to decide if the pros are worth the extra cost for you and your family. If they are and you can afford it, then go for it!

Renovating An Older Home Is Better For The Environment

Buying a home that is older and fixing it up to make it your own is much better for the environment than building a new home.

Building a new home is not a bad thing, but for those who are environmentally conscious, it is important to know that the typical way of building a home is not environmentally friendly.

Like all things, there are ways to make the home building process kinder to the environment. However, that would also increase costs.

Not All Contractors Are Equal 

There seem to be fewer options for excellent contractors who can build new houses from the ground up these days.

Picking a great contractor is so important, otherwise, your house may turn into a big, expensive money pit.

If you are going to decide to buy or build a new home, make sure that the contractor is a well established, trained professional who has a good track record.

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