Have you ever dreamed of owning your own farm? Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and living off (and on) your own land has major appeal. But farming is a lot of work, and it takes a ton of planning, resources, and knowledge to be successful. Our team can help you figure out all the details.


If you have the financial resources and you’re convinced that you want to turn to farming as more than just a hobby, it can be tempting to buy a turnkey operation. However, finding farm land for sale and buying a farm is much different than running a farm. Before beginning your search for farm land for sale, lay out realistic goals and expectations.

You’ll want to determine if your goal is to make money, have fun, care for the land (and animals), or just learn about farming by putting it into practice. Understanding this will help you determine the type of land and acreage you’ll need going forward.

When it comes time to search for farm land for sale, location matters a lot. Rural areas are always less costly than a place that’s in demand. And while some areas will be more budget-friendly than others, it’s important to consider where you’ll get your necessities. Even though you’ll be living on a farm you’ll still need to grab groceries, stuff from the pharmacy, drop your kids to school, the list goes on! How close is your farm location to gas and farming supplies? You’ll need to consider the cost of transporting your goods from your farm.

Tips for finding agricultural farmland

If you’re absolutely ready to jump into farming, view our farm land for sale here.

Agricultural Farmland in California

Just like residential real estate, California has just about the most expensive farm real estate (which includes land and buildings) in the country. When it comes to making your purchase, there’s a lot to consider when buying a farm.

Just because you found incredible farm land for sale doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Is it the right size? The acreage of your land will determine how many crops and/or animals you and your property can sustain. A few other factors to consider include:

  • House size
  • Land layout
  • Other buildings (barn, sheds etc.)
  • Water sources
  • Land’s previous use

The land’s previous use will influence whether you want to buy the property the most. Land that hasn’t been used in years may not have many (or any) nutrients left for your crops. An area that was used for industrial purposes could have toxic chemicals hiding in the dirt and water.

It’s extremely important to research the land’s previous use so that you can avoid threats and focus on finding a farm with healthy soil.

Farms For Sale in California

Our best tips for finding farm land for sale is to have a knowledgeable and reliable real estate agent. An agent that understands your needs and the area you want to purchase in can make a huge difference in finding your dream farm land. San Benito Realty has over 60 years of experience and countless sales of farms in California. 

We know what to look for in an exceptional farm property, we are well connected within the local market, and we take the time to get to know and understand your needs. We are the real estate company of choice for both new and experienced farmers because we understand agricultural properties, soil quality needs, well agreements, and easements in a way regular residential real estate companies simply can’t compete with.

Having trouble finding farm land for sale? Contact us and let us do the heavy lifting!