San Benito County is filled with all kinds of real estate opportunities that fall completely under the radar. Most investors only ever consider the basics, such as a detached home or an apartment – completely disregarding a wealth of additional possibilities. If you’re willing to think outside the box, you can take full advantage of options for real estate in San Benito County, CA that others might have dismissed.


Check Out Raw Land for Sale in San Benito County

land for sale san benito county

Raw land might be one of the smartest real estate investments you can make in San Benito County, especially if you’re willing to add value to your new property with a little “sweat equity.” Purchase raw land, build a home, and experience excellent profits over a relatively short period of time. There are numerous benefits associated with buying raw land, including:

  • Less competition and fewer bidding wars
  • Low property taxes
  • Endless possibilities
  • Potential for quick profits
  • Rights to any resources or minerals
  • There is always a finite supply of raw land

San Benito County offers some of the most beautiful raw land available. Not only can this land provide you with a place to build a home, but it also offers plenty of farming opportunities for additional income.

Consider Ranches for Sale in San Benito County

land for sale san benito county

You’ll find some of the most picturesque ranches nestled in the hills of San Benito County. Sheep, cattle, pigs, and other livestock enjoy incredibly favorable conditions in this area, and there is serious profit-earning potential for new investors. In San Benito County, it is possible to snap up thousands of acres for less than the cost of a single apartment in Vancouver, Canada. Often, these ranches come equipped with functioning wells – ensuring plenty of water access for thirsty animals. San Benito County ranches also offer appropriate zoning permits for permanent grazing in California.

Why Not Consider Land for Sale in Off-Grid Patches?

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Off-the-grid lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular among California residents. According to some estimates, as many as 250,000 Americans now live completely off the grid. Whether you want to pursue this lifestyle yourself or you’re simply looking for great deals on real estate in San Benito County, CA, off-the-grid patches in Paicines, CA could be the right call. Here are a few advantages associated with off-the-grid properties:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Sustainable
  • Potential for government rebates

Perhaps the greatest advantage, however, is the lower cost associated with purchasing off-the-grid patches of land in San Benito County. With no access to electricity, this land may be passed over by investors. Snap up this property, and you can either maintain an off-the-grid lifestyle or set up electricity access yourself. New technology makes it easier than ever to generate your own electricity, including solar panels, heat pumps, windmills, and much more. Better yet, the beautiful San Benito climate provides plenty of opportunities to live off the land through farming, foraging, and hunting.

Commercial Infrastructure

Commercial real estate has seen a downturn in recent years due to the rise of remote and hybrid work opportunities. However, an office building isn’t the only type of commercial real estate available in San Benito County. Investors may also consider options such as cell towers, warehouses, and various forms of infrastructure.

Commercial Warehouse Properties

Commercial Warehouse Properties

Investing in commercial warehouse property offers numerous advantages, including:

  • High rental yields
  • Passive income
  • High demand
  • Low volatility
  • Long-term tenants
  • Triple-net leases
  • Appreciation potential
  • Excellent performance during recessions
  • Various tax deductions possible

Warehouses also offer more possibilities than most people realize. It is possible to convert your new warehouse to a residential property, and the end result can be quite stunning. Some investors fully embrace the industrial aesthetics of warehouses to create beautiful “loft homes” with plenty of open space. Of course, you could also convert a warehouse into a multi-family building for considerable profit potential and recurring, passive income.

Cell Phone Tower Real Estate Investments

San Benito Commercial Warehouse Properties

With the rise of 5G and an increasingly interconnected world, a simple cell phone tower offers an excellent alternative investment opportunity that is becoming increasingly popular. Real estate investors have learned that cell phone towers are relatively cheap to build – costing little more than $250,000. You can build a cell tower on property in San Benito County and immediately start renting it out to end users. This could provide plenty of potential for even the most run-down and dilapidated properties in San Benito County. Cheaper than building a home, cell tower investments are nonetheless treated as real estate by the IRS and other US authorities.

Options for Affordable Housing in San Benito County 

Options for Affordable Housing in San Benito County

Many real estate investors are searching for somewhere to live rather than somewhere to make money. Many of these investors might be first-time buyers, and it may make sense to consider areas that offer the best value homes in the San Benito County area. Many first-time buyers find themselves attracted to Hollister – a neighborhood known for lower prices compared to The Bay Area.

Of course, average home prices do not always tell the full story. Statistics can be misleading, and it often helps to work alongside a San Benito County real estate professional to identify the best deals. With help from a real estate agent, you might find an especially good deal in an area associated with higher prices, such as San Juan Batista.

An REIT Is Always an Option

REIT Is Always an Option

A common misconception is that you need a down payment and a solid credit score to invest in San Benito County real estate. This just isn’t the case. Even if you have just a few dollars to your name, you can invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). This strategy allows investors to pool their money together and experience the returns associated with real estate – without worrying about high entry costs.

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