California offers investors a plethora of opportunities with its rich, sun-kissed hills. Whether you’re in the market for a ranch, a farm, or a quiet little hillside upon which to raise your family, the Golden State has plenty of options. Surveying these options is easier alongside experienced real estate professionals – and you’ll receive plenty of advice when you work with San Benito Realty. Here are your options when buying land for sale in California:


Your Options for Buying Land in California

If you’re focusing on land, there are a number of categories to consider:

Vacant Land

Vacant land is simply empty. This means that there are no people currently living on the property, and you can set up shop immediately. However, this does not mean that the land is necessarily empty. There might have been previous owners who developed the land to a certain degree – perhaps creating access to water, electricity, and other utilities. The previous owners might have also built structures on the land, such as cabins, barns, or houses. In addition, the previous owners may have attempted agricultural endeavors in the past – perhaps enriching the soil in the process.

Raw Land

On the other hand, raw land is untouched by human hands. This type of land represents nature in its purest forms – complete with forests, shrublands, rivers, mountains, and much more. Unlike vacant land, raw land may require considerable work in order to make it productive. Some buyers may prefer the pristine, untouched characteristics of raw land, while others may be drawn to its attractive pricing. It’s worth mentioning that land may be both vacant and raw.

Agricultural Land for Sale in California

Agricultural land – also known simply as “farmland” – is one of the most popular choices for California investors. There are many types and subcategories – each offering excellent productivity potential:

  • Row Crop Land: Ideal for growing crops, this land is often set up for this specific purpose with divided sections and fertile soil.
  • Vegetable Farmland: As the name implies, this type of land is geared toward farming vegetables. There may be rich soil aimed at feeding certain vegetable types, and you might even find greenhouses installed on the land.
  • Orchards: Orchards can be insanely profitable in California, and there are many “cash crops” to consider. According to the National Institutes of Health, California almond orchards alone raked in $5.3 billion during 2015 alone. It is possible to purchase mature, productive orchards and start earning profit without planting a single seed.
  • Vineyards: Vineyards may be even more profitable in California. According to Wine America, California’s vineyards generate over $88 billion in total economic activity. You can easily purchase land suitable for starting a vineyard – or purchase an already established vineyard for instant profit potential.

Investment Land

Many people also purchase land in California as pure investments. The supply of land is finite, which means that demand will only increase with time. Therefore, simply buying and holding land is one of the most time-honored (and effortless) investment strategies available. That being said, some people prefer to invest in land that has underlying value, such as the potential for mineral or oil extraction. This makes demand even higher, pushing resale values up in the future.

Range Land

Range land is specifically suited to livestock. This is also sometimes referred to as ranch land. You’ll certainly find plenty of such land in California, with plenty of acres, valleys, streams, and wooded areas that provide optimal environments for ranch animals. Ostrichland USA shows us all that even exotic animals like emus and ostriches love California ranches!

Forest Land

As the name suggests, forest land is peppered with dense trees. This land may be especially profitable for lumber investors. Also known as timberland, it presents the potential for clear cutting operations.

Commercial Land

Commercial land is typically located within cities or other urban areas. Unlike the other options on this list, it might consist of parking lots, warehouses, or even office spaces. With the rising popularity of online shopping, warehouses are proving especially profitable.

Recreational Land

Recreational land is reserved for fun activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, off-roading, or all of the above. They are worthwhile investments for anyone who loves the great outdoors and wants a playground to call their own.

Selecting Farm Land for Sale in California

buying farm land in California

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Farmland

When choosing farmland, consider the following factors:

  • Access to water
  • Access to electricity
  • Road access
  • Shade
  • Soil quality
  • Previous owners
  • Climate
  • Number of acres

Searching Through Land for Sale in California by Owner

Another solid choice is to filter your results by the owner. Some owners have much better reputations than others in California, and you might want to buy your land from someone who has a track record of improving farmland – making it more fertile, profitable, and efficient.

Work with San Benito Realty to Find Quality California Land

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If you’re ready to start searching for land in California, team up with San Benito Realty today. We’ll help you choose the most ideal piece of land based on your needs, priorities, and dreams.