7 Reasons To Start A Farm (And How To Find Agriculture Land For Sale) In California

May 26, 2020Buyers

When it comes to a thriving agriculture industry, no state in the whole country compares to California. 

In fact, in the U.S., California produces more food products than any other state. 

The environment in our sunny state is ideal for many varieties of crops. The plentiful and fertile land is also perfect for herds to graze upon.

Quinn Company says,

“California owes much of its agriculture success to being a near-perfect location for raising livestock and growing crops. 

California is a large state with a diverse array of land and ecosystems that allow a wide variety of species to flourish. 

The combination of fertile, productive soil, a Mediterranean-like climate, and access to irrigation water during growing seasons contribute to California being one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions.”

If you are a farmer (or you desire to become a farmer), California is the state for you!

Right now there is an abundance of quality land where you could begin your California farming dream.

San Benito Realty is here to help you every step of the way. 

Today we will discuss why California is the state of choice for a successful farm, and how you can find the perfect property for your agriculture dreams. 

One: California Is A State Known For Profitable Agriculture

Net State says,

“California leads all of the other states in farm income. It’s positioned as the agricultural powerhouse of the United States. 

About 73% of the state’s agricultural revenues are derived from crops while the other 27% of revenues are generated by livestock commodities.”

Two: California Has A Warm And Sunny Climate

The weather in California is perfect for growing crops with great success, as well as having many types of animals prosper. 

The right amount of sunlight and rain are essential to the success of your farm. California has proven continually that our climate is ideal for farming.

On top of that, who would not want to live in beautiful Cali? Your farm will flourish and you will be able to enjoy the lovely weather.

Three: California Has Some Of The Richest Soil 

Good soil is one of the main factors in a healthy crop and a well-running farm. The soil in California has always been incredibly fertile, allowing for agriculture to truly bloom.

As issues of climate change have come up, California has been very proactive to make laws to protect its soil and land. 

CalRecycle says,

“The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), with funds from the State’s cap-and-trade program, provides financial incentives to California growers and ranchers to use practices, including the application of compost and mulch, that sequester carbon, reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases, and improve soil health. 

In 2017, CDFA’s Healthy Soils Program (HSP) Incentives Program awarded over $1.8 million in grant monies to 60 projects for compost use, alone or in combination with other conservation agriculture practices, on farms. 

The 2017 Healthy Soils Program (HSP) Demonstration Projects awarded over $2.6 million in grant monies to 18 projects to study the effects of compost use on crop and grazing rangelands.”

Our proactive state is working hard to ensure that the soil stays rich for generations to come.

Four: A Large Variety Of Crops and Livestock Thrive In California

The environment in California is compatible with an incredibly large amount of crops and livestock. 

In fact, California farms grow over 200 different types of crops. No other state can compare to the variety of plant and animal life that thrive here. 

Five: California Has High Farming Success Rates

When considering starting a farm, it’s wise to consider where you will have the best chances of success. In the United States, California is your best bet. 

The high success rate for a variety of farmers all over the state is a promising sign for those looking for ranches or agriculture land for sale in California. 

Six: California Farmers Have Economic Prosperity 

Northern California Water Association says, 

“California’s farmers and ranchers produce an amazing economic bounty.”

Because of the immense need for fresh food, those who grow crops or have livestock in California typically do very well economically.

And as a whole, the agricultural field greatly contributes to the economy in California. 

Seven: California Has A Well Established Market

California is the most prominent state when it comes to agriculture. Because of this, there is already a good market that you can easily become a part of. 

If you tried to start a farm in a state that is not well established in agriculture it could be very difficult to thrive.

This Year Is A Great Time To Start 

2020 is a great year to begin your farming dreams for a few reasons: 

  1. Interest rates are at an all-time low. This will make finding land you can easily afford much easier.
  2. Livestock and machinery prices have also begun lowering substantially over the past few years.
  3.  Right now the realty market is looking good, and it’s the perfect time to purchase land. 
  4. The population in California continues to increase, and more people are eating locally grown food than ever before. This results in a need for more produce and livestock and farmers to produce these desired products. 

There is a lot of fantastic farmland and ranches for sale in California at the moment, and the current market is perfect for buyers, as interest rates remain at an all time low.

San Benito Realty is here to make your ranch and farm dreams in California come true. 

Contact our professionals today, and we will help safely walk you through the process of finding your perfect farm or ranch.